Hello, let's talk some spice!

’No man is an island’. I have heard that phrase so many times in my lifetime. ‘A problem shared is a problem half solved’.  That is another very popular saying. What those two phrases mean is that it is better to have people around you. It is very easy to say human beings are terrible but in the words of 2Baba “I know you cannot trust nobody but you have to trust someone”.

A very busy weekday? Need something speedy and easy to rustle up in less than half an hour for the night? I sure feel you. Some days can get so loaded that putting dinner together could be an obvious dilemma. Like always, I’ve got your back - here’s something delightful for you!

Plantain Porridge is quite a famous Nigerian cuisine, an incredible delicacy that's enjoyed by many. Today's quick dinner recipe is almost similar but with a twist – rather than use green leafy vegetables, I'm using assorted veggies. So I'm calling it Plantain Veggie Pottage.

Kuka soup

When thinking of a Naija cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is soup. The reason? Soups are the essential feature of most Nigerian meals.

From the North to the South, to the East and West; across the diverse ethnic regions of Nigeria, there are a thousand and one kinds of soup. And interestingly, each soup is named after the main ingredient used in cooking it.

Miyan Kuka

miyan Kuka recipe on a plate

As joyous as seeing your little one begin to crawl is, one thing certainly must come to mind – baby-proofing! Crawling is a worthy developmental milestone for babies and now that your child is crawling, ensuring her safety within the house is vital.

Sometimes, we tend to overlook the importance of baby-proofing. Over the years, the act of baby-proofing has often been contested as some mothers see it as small frets. One can never be too careful when it comes to child safety. There's surely more to only watchful eyes.

Have you ever been at a crossroads deciding which meat is best for you?

Meats are a great source of animal protein. But first, let's get the word meat clarified. Often misunderstood by many, meat isn't only cow meat. Meat can be the edible flesh and food source of any animal (mammal or bird) - cow, goat, sheep, pig, chicken, etc. Meats from all these animals have specific names. The most common edible ones in Nigeria are cow/ bull - beef, goat - chevon, sheep (ram) - mutton, pig - pork, chicken - chicken, and turkey - turkey.