By the time you watch Nollywood movies and read blog comments, you may be convinced that all mother-in-laws are of the devil. Yes, there are bad mother-in-laws but i don’t think we talk enough about the ones that are truly God sent.

Let’s discuss some instances where you might actually be the cause of the mother-in-law drama.

1. Your Mindset

You enter the relationship prepared ‘’not to take nonsense from anyone’’. This attitude clouds your judgement and allows you over react in simple situations.

Afro american woman cooking

The fear of cooking is real for some people. They lack the confidence to serve their dishes to even loved ones. If you want to be better at cooking, you definitely can. Even if you think you are hopeless in the kitchen like everything else practice and increasing your knowledge makes perfect. Let these tips guide you to becoming a better cook;


Highly nutritious and considered a superfood, yams are tropical tubers indigenous to the peoples of West Africa, most parts of Asia, and Latin Americans (South and Central). Yams are high in dietary fibre and carbohydrates; thus a major source of energy. Yams are also ample source of other nutrients such as: Vitamins A, B, C, and essential minerals – potassium, copper and iron.