The gym isn't a fashion show or a club but the world is your runway. The appropriate kind of clothes to work out in can help you feel more comfortable and motivated when you're putting in work. Women's workout wear no longer consists of your husband’s old shirts and shorts. Today, a variety of designers offer gym wear that is comfortable and functional, yet still feminine and fashionable. The gym is now also one of the top rated places to find a beau, so bring your game on!

The Clothing For Gym

A supportive sports bra:

Looking good during pregnancy sometimes seems like a difficult task. Finding the right clothes to wear to fit your new size/shape might not be easy, coupled with the fact that you may have outgrown most of your clothing. For some people, it seems like overnight nothing in their wardrobe fits any longer, and they can’t find anything suitable to wear.

I have become more adventurous these days. I just want to experience everything. Well if not everything, many things. When my finances align, I would love to visit Japan(Tokyo).

Tokyo Trip Requirement

For a Nigerian visiting Japan this is what you’ll need;

1. Passport

2. 1 Visa application form

3. 1 Photo

4. Flight booking confirmation slip

5. Documents to prove ability to pay for travel expenses


What is Ankara?
What is Ankara Fabric?
Isn’t it the capital of Turkey?
It is the capital of Turkey and it is also the name of a popular fabric worn by many of us.

Sometimes it's the smallest change in your look that can impart the greatest difference. You don't always have to reboot your entire closet in order to look brand new (although, of course, I would never shame you for doing such an exciting thing).

Adding a cap to your wardrobe choices is the answer. I know it may seem too simple but it works, trust me. You can style it different ways depending on your outfit.

When people think about France they usually think about the city of love, Paris. But as a single girl the French Riviera is paradise. Cote d’Azur its original name before renamed by the English.

For a Nigerian visiting The French Riviera you would need a Schengen visa & this is what you’ll need;

1. Passport (with a validity with more than 6 months)

2. 1 Visa application form

3. 1 Photo (3.5x4.5, taken recently, against a white background)