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The past year just ended and for some people, it is time to make resolutions and promises for the New Year. It is also the time to set goals or targets for the New Year, be it Personal, Career Oriented, Business or Financial goals. I have compiled a few tips to help set achievable goals.
To set goals, you have to ask these questions:

(a)What do you really want to achieve?
(b)What do you need to do to achieve them?
As you answer these questions, your goals begin to shape itself out.

For the past few years, I noticed I was writing the same goals year in year out. I would illustrate my goals in my journal, draw out the activities and things I wanted, for instance, sketching my heap of money. The same things kept showing up; travel, buy land, dream job, become a multi-millionaire, when I didn’t achieve them, I simply scheduled them for the nest year however for the very first time I am closer to achieving my goals. I am going to share the things I learnt that brought me closer to success. I hope they work for you;