Low cut is really a daring move to try for women. Women cut their hair for various reasons such as wanting to re-grow their hair or just because they are tired of maintaining a long hair. Some people still think low cut for women is unfeminine and unsexy. I believe that it takes a bold woman to decide to cut her hair. Whatever your reason for cutting your hair is, you still have the right to look good and feminine.

As the name suggests, a monotone outfit has just one colour.

A popular trend that has been featured in various guises - from all-white ensembles to all blacks or a colourful twist ideal for summer.

The monotone trend has evolved from the age-old matronly style in plain colours to today’s bold mode that features brighter hues as well.

As stylish as the monotone outfit can be, a lot if women still find it hard to sport it without looking boring.

I became more interested in makeup when I was involved in planning my best friend's wedding. We were trying to book a makeup artist for two days. The quotes we were getting were astronomical, at least for our budget. We ended up getting a renowned artist for a sweet deal of N200,000 that is N100,000 per day. I mean that is a comfortable monthly salary for many people.


There are days things just don’t go as planned; you barely have time to put breakfast on the table or pack lunch, so you cannot afford to waste time on your makeup or you will be late. This makeup tutorial is for such days and this routine could be done in less than 10 minutes depending on how fast you are. I will break it into five quick steps and suggest products to use along the line.

Quick Makeup Tips

Apply Foundation

The gym isn't a fashion show or a club but the world is your runway. The appropriate kind of clothes to work out in can help you feel more comfortable and motivated when you're putting in work. Women's workout wear no longer consists of your husband’s old shirts and shorts. Today, a variety of designers offer gym wear that is comfortable and functional, yet still feminine and fashionable. The gym is now also one of the top rated places to find a beau, so bring your game on!

The Clothing For Gym

A supportive sports bra:

Makeup foundation

If someone compliments you on your foundation, you're doing something wrong. Well, what I mean is that it should look completely natural. Although I do get complimented when I use my “special going out foundation”.

First things first.