The holidays are almost here and a lot of us are already planning our own brief Easter travels. Have you paid much attention to your luggage lately?

Whether it's for a weekend away or a fancy holiday abroad, your luggage should mirror your inner travel goddess. Don't leave home without a stylish suitcase that can fit your necessities without weighing you down. Glide through the airport, and arrive in style in any if these stylish carryons.

The winged or cat eyeliner has been in existence since the 50’s. It is very flattering for most eye shapes and requires practice for you to get it right. You can use a color pencil, gel or liquid eyeliner

Most women fear pregnancy not only because of the hormonal changes, possible complications and the pains of labour and delivery but because pregnancy brings its own set of beauty challenges. The body changes rapidly and this affects the appearance of the Mother-to-be, thus women get concerned on how they will look like after all the weight gain, skin changes and the inevitable baby bump while pregnant.