Digital marketing

Last night I started to write this article but slept off. I, however, woke up to news that one of my guilty pleasures, a relationship page on Instagram after reaching a hundred thousand followers has decided to monetize. This brings me to my point; since we all spend some much time online, there has to be a benefit of doing so. This year, we have to look at things with new eyes and see the cash cows in every situation.

Hair Extensions

Looking good is good business. If you are confused as to what sort of business to invest in this may just be for you.

Of course it is better if you are interested in hair that is if you are a user of hair extensions yourself. You should be your own brand ambassador that is the fastest way to sell.

Hair Extensions

human hair extensions

Step 1: Learn the basics/ Upgrade your knowledge

Affiliate Marketing

I know a lot of people have had periods of introspection in recent times, what do I do to maximize my efforts? Increase my earnings? Make money work for me? Etc. I have suggested some business ideas in past articles but this came to me recently. We all spend so much time on the internet these days and own some web or online real estate with blogs, websites and our social media platforms. Why not let that real estate work for you through affiliate marketing, I mean you are already putting in the time. Why not become an affiliate marketer?

Let’s discuss.

Convenience Store

Convenience store is another name for supermarket really. The name convenience simply means it should be accessible to customers and stock basically everything a person would need so they don’t have to run to a bigger department store or its alternatives.

Convenience stores are mostly located around residential areas. There are so many new estates and building developments springing up, imagine servicing the needs of the people living in them. Your selling advantage would already be there, your customers would not have to pay expensive parking costs etc.