Doable goals 2017

It's a few days into the New Year, and as the norm, many have already made resolutions for the year. Year after year, many make these decisions, but a few weeks into the year, they're off track. When this happens, it can be demoralizing and if it's happened to you, be sure that you're not alone (about 75% of those who make resolutions fail to stick with their goals).

Formidable question, right?

But honestly, there's no magic to it and no definition of what's normal. If you're reading this and wondering what the answer could be because you're about to make what seems to be the greatest decision of your life, then I’ll say - the answer lies within you.

There was so much fuss about the book, at first I was not sure if I was interested in reading it. I was just thinking, ‘Okay great she is going to tell us about the fantastic deals she struck to allow her to afford her weaves, designer bags and lifestyle as an On-air Personality’. I thought it would be great to read about her self-promotion skills then I started seeing excerpts on Twitter about how Maje having a child in the past earlier.

A lot of women find themselves as stay at home moms (SAHM) probably as a result of relocation after marriage and not being able to get a job or because of maternity concerns or just because they prefer to stay with their children till they are grown to a certain age. Regardless of the reason, it is not as easy as people think to stay at home all day, especially, with a child (or children) thrown in. If you also work from home; it could be hectic, and you could realize at the end of the day that you weren’t productive or that you didn’t accomplish all you wanted to.

Being in a long distance relationship can be frustrating and tiring at times; especially when you are surrounded with people who don’t believe in the concept.

Here a few tips to help you to blossom your relationship and cope with the distance.

A mistress is a relatively long-term female lover and companion who is not married to her partner, especially when her partner is married.

This is the type of article one should write anonymous but I trust you guys. As a single girl, most of the attention I have received is from unavailable or unsuitable men and if you notice, for those who have this experience is that they are the most caring and very eager to solve your life’s problems whether spiritual, academic or financial.