Christmas is in the air! After the hustle of the year 2016, its time to relax and enjoy the holiday with family and friends.

To help you map out your holiday movie mega-marathon, we've put together a list of 4 Christmas movies that are the perfect way to distract yourself from the turn of another year.


Home Alone (1990)

Home Alone

With only a few days remaining to Christmas, you must have been thinking of an amazing place to spend the Christmas with your loved ones aside from the traditional act of travelling to your hometown.

Here, we present you with a list of the seven most amazing places to spend Christmas vacation in Nigeria.

Silverbird Galleria-Lagos

siver bird cinema

The child in mind is very much alive, can you tell? Well, today I watched Moana, and I enjoyed it tremendously. Moana is a great family movie; I love the direction Disney is going these days, skipping Prince Charming altogether.

Disney Moana

The Christmas Season is here again and what better way to have fun with your friends and family than watching a great movie! We have compiled a list of movies, and we are sure you will love watching them. Here is a sneak peek at movies showing in December!

1. Office Christmas Party

When a branch manager’s uptight CEO Sister threatens to shut down his branch, he decides to throw an epic Christmas party to land a big client and save the day.

It is Sunday afternoon, you are home and bored; you do not feel like visiting friends, and you are thinking of a way to relax. Why not go out to the movies? Here is a list of must-watch movies this month. You do not have an excuse now, get dressed and watch one of these.

I am not sure you have not seen this movie. It was the funniest movie I had watched in ages. I mean I forced a guy to see the movie with me. At first, he was uncomfortable because the theatre was filled with women and it was packed full. WE could only spot a few sprinkles of men in the crowd. He complained at first saying I forced him to watch a chick film but when the movie started I heard him sniggering in his seat till it graduated to full laughter.