Ayamashe Stew

You start appreciating the things that are most distant. I never thought I was such a fan of Nigerian food till I moved from Nigeria. I was always the first person who would want to try Mexican, Italian or Indian but these days I would be craving rice and stew from Olaiya.

A good friend decided to pity me and make me the most delicious stew I have ever tasted till date. This wonder stew was called Ayamashe; I enjoyed it so much I want you to make this for someone you love. You can serve this stew with rice and fried plantain, boiled egg and chilled coke if you must.

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Groundnut Soup

Recently, a friend was telling me how back in his school days in University of Nigeria, Nsukka (decades ago) he and his roomies would substitute groundnut for egusi in their soup. It was quite intriguing to hear a guy passionately share his cooking experience. Before then, I have heard people mention groundnut soup but combining groundnuts, tomatoes and leaves were considered (by me) as being quite absurd. Thus, I have never given a try out a thought.

White soup

Known to the Ibos as ofe nsala, and to the Efiks as afia efere, white soup is a very tasty Nigerian soup that's common in many homes. I remember my first taste of white soup way back during my Youth Corper days. We were contemplating what delicacy to make for the food competition to be held during the bonfire night. As my fellow Platoon members clamoured for ofe nsala, I wondered to myself what kind of soup it was.

Kuka soup

When thinking of a Naija cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is soup. The reason? Soups are the essential feature of most Nigerian meals.

From the North to the South, to the East and West; across the diverse ethnic regions of Nigeria, there are a thousand and one kinds of soup. And interestingly, each soup is named after the main ingredient used in cooking it.

Miyan Kuka

miyan Kuka recipe on a plate

Oha soup

A quite exciting factor about the Nigerian society is the way her diverse tribes boost of their traditional soups(oha soup and many others). When it comes to food, ethnic groups and culture, Nigeria is undoubtedly a blessed country. Soups are the fundamentals for most Nigerian cuisine and the variety of soups available in Nigeria simply adds to her exceptionality as a Nation. I’m sure you’ll agree!